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Guide data off by 3 hours

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KPMRDT4 - 38.4 CometTV


The guide data being shown is for the PDT time zone (which would be correct) but the station is actually broadcasting their shows as if on EDT.   This means that the guide data is always 3 hrs off so shows appear 3 hrs too late in the guide -- the 10:00 guide data would be accurate for 7:00.

The station used to broadcast all shows in the PDT schedule but has been wrong now for at least a month.


This is an OTA station -- is there any way to just shift the guide data per station on my own in these cases?  I know that's possible with M3U files but don't see a way of doing it with the HDHomerun's.




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Ok, we don't have a per channel timeshift option with the emby guide data although it's probably not a bad idea.

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