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feature request: intelligent subtitle downloading (opensubtitles)


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I use emby to try and automatically download subtitles, but it doesn't work in 90% of the cases, because there is not an exact checksum match. The only other option there is is to not require a hash match, but then you are actually playing russian roulette, and have a lot of wrong out of sync subtitles. 


What would be a killer feature, is if there was a third option, that would try and match the media type, since in most cases if you'll find a similar subtitle, and in most cases that will fit the movie or TV show.


So if for example the source file has bluray in the filename, then try and download a subtitle version that also has bluray in the title.

Same goes for web-dl/webdl and DVD. HD would is mostly cut manually so that won't work that well so I would not include that. The resolution doesn't matter. So a 1080p art file almost always works for a 720p or 2160p version.


it's a simple request, but it would actually automate what I now do manually for almost all movies and series, end do a better job then any other scoring mechanism.


Would it be possible to add this feature please ? I'd be eternally grateful :)


Thank you,



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HI, we actually tried to do this recently, but when people name their episodes just s01e01 and nothing else, you end up getting really bad results. So we ended up having to revert that.

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