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Several Missing Logos

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Guys @@ebr,


I've been reading through the forums to find out why just as of recently some of my logo's have been disappearing.


Currently are using Emby Guide Data USA-OH58787-X.


Currently i'm getting the default logo for:




Channel 3 ACC1

Channel 12 WOUSA

Channel 18 INSP

Channel 20 ACC2

Channel 21 ACC21


I've gone into the metadata and attempted to remove the default image and then run the refresh guide data but no luck. If it helps i've tested the channels to confirm they are correct on a tv not through EMBY and all are correct. Channel 12 shows unknown but i've gone back and unmapped and mapped it again, plus the guide data is correct.


Any assistance would be appreciated



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This has been passed on to GN.  Sometimes, it just takes them a while to get everything sync'ed.  They are curating a LOT of data.



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