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Annoying issues


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Hello Folks,


I searched this whole forum looking for further information about the annoying issues below but I didn´t find anything


1) WTF happens that my collections always seem to get corrupt? I mean, sometimes I take some time joining a huge amount of movies into a collection and make sure the option "Group into collections" is checked but in many libraries they keep being displayed as single itens. I deleted the whole content of /var/lib/emby/data/collections/ and even reinstall Emby on my server but nothing seems to resolve this. Is there a fix or even a workaround to it?


2) Many times, when I try to edit metadata of a movie, the window just closes as I start to type in any field


3) Is there (and if it´s the case, what is) a correct way to add Animes? I´m using the following structure: Anime.Name.S01E01.Episode.Name.mkv but in most cases it seems not to be so efficient. Even using Anime plugin I couldn´t get my lists correctly populated.


4) How can I do to avoid my movies lose their information and metadata? Is not rare to see a movie losing the cover I previously set for it.


I really appreciate any help in these questions, especially from the Emby Team.


Stay safe at home and thank you in advance

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1) Are you applying any Sort optional as that will ungroup your items.  But may need to see a screenshot of a specific example.


2) What client/browser?  Anything special to reproduce?  I haven't seen this happen in Chrome, FireFox, or Edge.


3) I don't understand the issue you are trying to convey.  Can you go over a specific example.


4) I save all metadata and images with media and have never lost any image or metadata.


Two question though, Are you by chance moving your media around and where do store metadata/images?

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I put anime in:

Series Name\Season nn\Series Name SnnEnn episode name or not.mkv

and have no trouble with recognition.  I don't use the Anime plugin, as it made no discernable difference when I tried it.  I do first check that the Series Name is in a form that TVDB recognises, though.  It is necessary to check that TVDB uses the same season breakdown as your files, though - for some notable anime TVDB's seasons are... unexpected!



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