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Can we please get 'Favorites' tab on the Home Screen?


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This is a capture of the home screen on the browser version of Emby. This simple little addition is all I wish the Roku app had. 

I really dislike having to:


  • Going into a Library (eg. "Movies" or "TV Shows"),
  • Selecting "All Movies/Shows" at the top,
  • Pressing the Star * key on the Roku remote to access Options.
  • On the right, a popout menu will appear,
  • Under "Filter" check the box labeled "Favorites."


Such a hassle! Seems like every other version of Emby app has this top Favorites toggle at the top except Roku. Please add it developers!

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Hi.  This will come once we have the entire tab concept in this app.  We should be working on this soon.



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