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Playback issue( stop at serval second and continue to next one which has the same problem)


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Hi, I'm using docker version emby in ds 218+. I have playback issue.

it a tv serise which played all right for the first 16 episodes, but when i play episode 17, it playing for about 5 second and stoped, and continue to 18, which has the same problem.

when i want to check wether the old episode can be play, it has no old episode displayed



i have tried to restart and reinstall emby, but the problem still exist.


edit: uploaded the log file


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Hi, so it's just a problem with this one file?

no, all the following files can't be played.

but now, i tried using other browser, the playback is ok. so i guess its all good now

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What other browser?

It ’s actually the same browser, switching between different users, but now both users can play normally

It's Chrome 80.0.3987.132

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