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Kodi + EmbyForKodi + Watchdog = Trouble


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Hey all,


I tested the latest Emby for Kodi plug this weekend, or moreso, tried to.


It turns out there is a memory leak created by how this circle works. I'm wondering if others have the same issue, I suspect so.


  1. Install Kodi
  2. Install Emby
  3. Scan Library content in both (for example)
  4. On Kodi, use the addon "watchdog" service to monitor for changes to your video library
  5. Emby may look at the same library eah?
  6. Take a snapshot of your Kodi system memory use....
  7. wait 10-20 minutes, repeat step 6
  8. Now, add the Emby for Kodi addon to Kodi....
  9. Restart if you so desire.....
  10. Do steps 6 & 7 again.

Uh - oh!


What I see here is that Emby is added as a "video" source to your video library, and watchdog watches all video, music, photos, etc.... so it will crash Kodi.

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By the way, I'm not sure what I did that caused this, but, there were actually TWO "Emby" media sources in the list. one might have been tv and the other movies??? either way, I removed these and the Emby plugin and Kodi is no longer crashing, nor leaking memory.

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Sorry, I don’t think I can follow what you‘re exactly doing. Why would one use the kodi watchdog addon if using Emby for kodi? I never made use of both simultaneously.

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