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Higher bitrate movie lag/freeze

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I use a raspberry pi 4 2gb as my server. I have a little issue with it now. The higher bit rate movies (1080p, 18000+) freeze/stop in fix points. In the TV app (LG tv, its my main client) its just 1-2 sec freeze than play, than freeze again. On chrome browser, it completely stop and I can't resume playing. I tried to change some path (cache, transcode temporary files, metadata etc) but it changed nothing. On the tv it has direct play, with chrome it use direct streaming. In chrome I see the playback position and the transcode position. I thought the transcode not fast enough, but its not the case. Doesn't matter how long I wait to transcode and how long the transcode position increase, it stop the exact same moment, all the time. I didn't see any suspicious on the log files, but maybe I just didn't see something. I attached 3 log file. 1 and 2 is the same movie, 2 try. The 3rd is another movie. In the 3rd I fast forward where its free because it start freezing on the 7-9 min. All log file from chrome play, because I don't know how to attach tv play log. So if anyone could help, it would be great. I don't know what is the problem. It can be the movie file, the server, some settings the problem. Or maybe the pi not powerful enough.


p.s.: Sorry for my English, its not my mother tongue.

emby log.txt

emby log 2.txt

emby log 3.txt

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hi @@Kirlog, are you still running into this? Can you please try Emby Server 4.4? Thanks !


I updated my server, but unfortunately still have this problem (but I don't have that much high bitrate movie yet, so not a big problem. I only found 3.). So it not bother me too much. I figured it out if I lover the quality (for example 1080p 5/6 Mbps) than it seems good.  For example in the attahed log file movie (Thor dark world) I tested the first 1 hour in 1080p 6 Mbps and it was stable. In the other movie (Star is born) I started with the same quality, than sometimes still stopped, so i went down, every time until it seemed stable in 720p 4 or 2 Mbps. But i dont know if it was real stable, or just didn't have more "shutter point". But it was stil watchable because the shutters wasn't that frequent. I'll test next time with more higher quality movies (some remux) to see how the pi how handle it and maybe figure it out if realy the high bitrate the problem, or something else in some movie. But maybe the rasp 4 not powerful enough to stream this quality. I tried to play movies directly from the pi with kodi, and it played properly, but I don't know the technical background whats the difference between "direct movie play" from pi with kodi, and the direct play with emby server.

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I figured it out if I lover the quality (for example 1080p 5/6 Mbps) than it seems good.

That's generally the solution. Anytime you see lagging or stuttering, it usually means the bitrate is too high.

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