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After several years using plex, I'm spinning my first emby up.
All in all, it's quite interesting. Feels faster. UI's pretty nice, ...

Though there is one detail that worries me: in addition to nfo and posters, I suspect emby is modifying my video files.


Still using plex for the moment, I would often rsync my media to emby, whenever adding new files, ...
Doing so, I did notice, from time to time, that files would be transferred, while they shouldn't be.

This morning, while I didn't change a thing since my last sync, I can see one episode (out of 13TB / 1000s of files) being transferred. Which would suggests target no longer matched source.

plex:/goinfre/media/Series# rsync -avWxP . --usermap=:emby --groupmap=:video emby:`pwd`/
sending incremental file list
Fear the Walking Dead/
Fear the Walking Dead/[05x16] End of the Line.mkv
  1,418,620,611 100%   63.62MB/s    0:00:21 (xfr#1, ir-chk=1361/4021)

sent 1,419,355,095 bytes  received 412 bytes  63,082,466.98 bytes/sec
total size is 9,287,400,962,104  speedup is 6,543.39

So far, I couldn't find much interesting in emby-server logs (neither systemd nor /var/lib/emby), the only log mentioning that file tells about executing some ffprobe.

The emby management dashboard seems to focus on API events (alerts tells abut plugins, activity about users connecting or playing files, ...), I don't see much regarding background processes like libraries and metadata scanning jobs.


Am I missing something?


How would you track activities likely to edit media files from your libraries?

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AFAIK emby does NOT alter media files in any way unless you use the convert feature with the replace option.


I could be wrong. But I have never seen it. More likely to be HD corruption.






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That's correct. We don't have any functions in the system to do this other than the conversion feature.

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