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On movie add to playlist buttons hidden

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I'm new to emby and very pleased to have found it. But on Android TV there is an issue when adding item to playlist. The buttons to validate the add or cancel are hidden.




After test I know that add button is at left side.


Nice to correct this.


Thank you,




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Interesting.  Have you changed anything in the TV settings with relation to a zoom level or text size?


I didn't change anything on text size or zoom on the tv (I don't thing Philips let you do this on this tv).

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Them last 2 posts are vaguely disgused spam for search engine ranking. Can someone smite those and ban said offenders please? thanks much. ^_~

side note: once you remove those 2 above this one can go too.

@Happy2Play *nudge nudge wink wink*

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