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Live TV Freezes Very Briefly, But Repeatedly


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Hi.  I am trying to adopt Emby for my live TV (OTA) watching and recording using the HDHR Quatro.  I have Emby set up so it works great for remote access.  However, while in my home on my network, the screen freezes briefly when you tune a channel and then repeatedly (about once every 1 to 5 minutes) thereafter.  The freezes are about 1 second long, sometimes less. 


This occurs on both an AppleTV 2 and a FireTV (not stick). 


I also have Plex installed, and it does not occur on either the AT2 or FireTV when using Plex.


A few notes on my setup:

  • My in-home network speed is around 400Mbps
  • All devices are wired gigabit connections
  • My server is a 2012 iMac with an i5-2500s, 12 GB of ram, and a HDD at 7200  


I have attached my server log and the ffmpeg log.  Although the server log is longer, I was testing it between 8 and 10 pm. 


I did notice one error in the serve log. It states my remote access is http://roark.no-ip.org:8096/emby/system/info/public, but I use a different port for the external connection and the internal connection.  8096 is correct for the internal, but not the external, which is what no-ip.org should be reaching.  That said, however, remote access works great. 




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Thanks for responding.   Yes, it is still happening as of last night.  I only tested on FireTV though.  


I tested it again today with a stopwatch.   The brief freeze occurred at 31 seconds, 4 minutes, 15 minutes, 17 minutes, and 23 minutes.  I stopped after that.  

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Ok, we're about to have our 4.4 server release. Let's see if it still happens with that once available. Thanks.

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