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Import ActivityLog in Playback Reporting Plugin


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Hello Team Emby @@TeamB,


I installed the "Playback Reporting Plugin" today. Is it possible to import my 2 years old activity log?

Would be nice to have all the informations of the last two years in Playback Report. :)




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Where did you get the activity log from?

If you saved and exported the log from Playback reporting in the first place then yes it should be.

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I try to explain:

I'm talking about the activitylog.db. Emby Server is running for about two years and it would be nice to import the "Activity Log" Emby creats itself.

So I wanna import the activitylog.db from Emby into "Playback Reporting".

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There is no direct way to load data from the activity DB, it is in a different format. The Playback reporting plugin records it own data as you play items.


The backup file format for Playback Reporting is:

date time    UserID    ItemID    ItemName    PlaybackType    DeviceType    DeviceName    PlaybackTime    PausedTime

2019-11-18 12:13:23.794311    90cf0e7bd88d458ba3d4a15eafcd9b43    52673    Episode    Supernatural - s05e11 - Sam    DirectStream    Emby Mobile    Firefox    2    0

If you were able to extract the data you need from the activity log DB and save it in the above format and then load that data into Playback Reporting that might work for you.

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