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Win10 system freeze when Emby server is running


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Working on an upgraded box for my Emby server. I created a new user account and installed Emby When Emby Server is running, my system will hang (hard freeze) at some point to where I have to power-cycle to get it back up. 


Right now, the server is not really doing anything ... I have two 30 minute OTA shows "loaded" into the one library for testing and such, but no clients attempting to access this server.


Right now, I have the server turned off (still installed) and the system seems to be staying up. Here are a couple logs from the most recent "hang". Thanks in advance for any help you can share!




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Thanks for the feedback. I went to check on that and to ensure I send a log during the time of a lock-up, and of course since asking the question it has not done it.... If it does in the next day or two, I'll update with fresh logs, otherwise I guess we just call it a 'fluke' that went away. The only significant difference is the Emby web interface is running under Edge instead of Chrome this time, but I would be surprised if that really means anything. Just thought I'd mention it.

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