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optional Network Path Question


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Hello folks,


Something that I have been wondering for a while now and have not been able to find a clear answer for is this...


For setting up libraries, there is the folder and the optional netork path. As I am on a Mac, my folder is listed as




With that in mind, should the optional network path be listed as




or should it be 



Currently my shares come from both Windows and Mac boxes, not that I think that makes any difference.




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Hi, It would be whatever your other devices on your network would use to access the network path.


@@Luke That is going to vary though. Macs would use //Server/Share/Movies where as Windows would use \\Server\Share\Movies

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Then i would do it the windows way because we don't have a mac app with direct file access anyway.


Perfect. That was what I was expecting, but just hadn't found a clear answer. Thanks @@Luke :-)

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