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Conversion does not rename the movies to merge multi versions


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Hello People,


What I am trying to do is to convert all my movies into smaller file for mobile devices. What I want to achieve is that emby to choose the appropriate resolution of the movie when I play it. Now what I see is that the conversion is name-ing the movies wrong. 



I read the https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159102-movie-naming movie nameing convention for merge multi versions but to do it manually for all the videos just not to be duplicated on media is a hard task to do


What I want is to have 1 movie poster with 2 different movie for the appropriate device and also to make emby to choose the right one. Is this possible?

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Hi.  Do you store your movies in their own folders or all lumped into one?


I believe our multi-version feature requires that the movie have its own folder (named exactly like the prefix of your movie files).

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you dont need this plugin if your movie have their own folder


/movie/Bohemian Rapsody (2018)/Bohemian Rapsody (2018) - Webdl-1080p-mobile.mp4

/movie/Bohemian Rapsody (2018)/Bohemian Rapsody (2018) - Webdl-1080p.mkv

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