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IPTV unreliable/causes issues

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Hi. First time posting.


I am relatively new to emby.


I am using emby only to stream IPTV at the moment.


I have an m3u tuner than consists of 349 channels.


I have checked every channel using VLC, and they all work fine. The channels start quickly, no real issues to speak of.


When using emby, the performance is unreliable. Channels will work fine for a while, but then stop responding. Restarting the server always helps.


When I say "a while" I mean 5-10 minutes of channel changing.


I am running 2 servers. 1 is Windows 10, the other is ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS.


Windows server:


Ryzen 2600

16 GB ram

960 GB SSD

Nvidia GTX 2060


Ubuntu server:


Intel i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz

16 GB ram


Integrated Intel Video


I have mostly default settings enabled.


The ubuntu server is old, but it has been a good plex server for years. Never any issues with it.


Does anyone have a similar experience or any advice.


Thanks a lot.

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