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Cumulative subtitle search


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I have my Emby server set to search for subtitles once per day, mostly to get subtitles for newly added content. This scan takes about two hours in my environment and most of the time is spent trying to download subtitles for old stuff for which there are no subtitles. Seems like a huge waste of resources to me.


It would be very nice to be able to choose between a full subtitle search (which would be enough to run weekly or monthly) and a daily search which would only include recently added content. I guess "recently" would need to be a bit flexible, but tv episodes released more than a month ago seldom gets any new subtitles.


Does this sound like a sane idea?



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Hi, yes it's not a bad idea .

that's actually a great idea... My server rarely finishes as it takes over 24hrs to compete and during that time I either restart it or it's auto-restarted because of a server update or something...


Can I give this 20likes at once?

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This would indeed help. Currently the subtitle search runs pretty long yeah.

Running the full one once a week just to be sure to catch anything that has been missed should be enough for me.

Other than that a shorter one for recent content is just fine.


I already have libraries monitored, so it starts searching right away when added.

However when the correct subtitles aren't available yet, it would be nice to have it run every few hours / each day.

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