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what do i need to do if i move my external HD to another macbook pro for running with same credentials ?


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ok tonight my macbook pro die and i need to replace alot but i had everything running from an external hard drive. i have a newer macbook pro with emby server already on it. and i can do the web browser to see the name of the serve after i use emby connect but it fails to log me in now. i also tried to click on the little emby server guy in the top header thing.  i tried to browse the library threw that and also to configure emby but nothing works and i cant seem to figure out how to get back in or do i have to start all over making a new account.  

i hope it was ok for me to post this here and this is my first time posting anything on the emby forum. if not please redirect me to were i should. 

Thanks for any and all help 


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I'm not a Mac guy so I don't know how useful this will be but maybe with a few questions answered someone else can jump in and help or make suggestions.


On your old/dead computer was Emby installed directly on the external hard drive or installed on an internal drive with the media on the external?

On your working macbook pro is Emby installed on the internal drive or is this installed on an external drive.


Did you happen to have ever backed up the Emby using the Backup Plugin?


Is your whole library on this External HDD or do you have media files on other drives?

Besides a Movie and TV Shows library did you have other libraries or Live TV setup?

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If he goes under his home folder, he’ll see the Emby server. If he hadn’t configured backups, he should copy that folder and then he can manually restore the main config files it on the new device. @@cayars would probably know specifically the important ones to carry over. I wouldn’t slap the entire folder.




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