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Editing genre for movies and tv - how?


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Long time Emby user and I can't say enough about how much I love it. I use it daily!  I've recently tried sorting my movies by genre, whenever I'm wanting to watch a horror movie (for example).  This does work but I see a lot of movies "mis-categorized".  I even have one genre labeled as "sci-fi" and another as "science-fiction".  Obviously I believe these two could be merged but from what I can tell, I need to open each movie via the metadata manager and make the change.  Here's the problem. I currently have over 1200 movies so this would take a really long time. I've searched a bit and didn't see how to do it in bulk.


Is there a simpler, faster, easier way to manage these genres? How do you guys do it?


Thanks for any ideas!

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Hi, yes that is the way to edit genres. You may also be interested in checking out the genre cleaner plugin in the plugin catalog, it can help automate some normalization.

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