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integrating nextpvr with emby

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This is 2020 and lots has changed with emby.  It's better in my opinion than Plex or Kopdi..............................however................

1. Nextpvr does some things that would enhance Emby significantly.

      Able to separate ITPTV channels into groups.  Sports, News, Movies, etc., etc. !!


So....Okay installing the Nextpvr plugin sorta works but lacks ability to actually hook up properly with Emby.

I see the channels imported, so okay

I see NO guide data imported.... NOT OKAY.


So whats wrong?  Am I missing something?  Under Settings of the plugin there is ability to set pin and server address,  that's fine.  Does it also need ability to transfer username and password for login to Nextpvr??  That's nowhere to be found.


Apparently the groups are not passed on to Emby also.


Emby is FAST and efficient...   But it would be the perfect Media Player with a couple of builtin enhancements.


Media grouping with finer granularity than it now has.  Especially with over the air tuners and file based IPTV lists.


If anybody can show me where I'm going wrong in setup or knows of a solution. Especially with guide data  from NExtpvr.   please advise.




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Channel management will be improved in early 2019 so just wait a few months.


Oh wait.... its 2020 already.






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Guess everything plays in NextPVR and it has a guide for everything ?


It seems to help to check that the NextPVR Base url in the NextPVR plug-in matches the version given in In-Home (LAN) Access on the dashboard home page (except for the 8866 bit).


Also helps to manually update the Guide in Emby, possibly restart the server, refreshing pages, whatever.


Edit - Am guessing this applies to Linux as well as Windows...

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