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Two new features for EmbyCon


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Well it is more like two old features rolled back in, this is now possible as I have dropped EmbyCon from the main Kodi repository due to time delays and restrictions.

The latest version will always be available from the beta repo, the stable repo is a little behind but should be a little more stable:




Clone default Estuary skin:

This clones the default Estuary Kodi skin and adds EmbyCon functionality to the home screen. This is one of the fastest ways to have your Emby media items show up on your Kodi home screen.

It created a whole new cloned skin so if you want you can easily switch back to your old default skin.


Set as default view for media type:

There is now an option in the contect menu to set the current view as the default view for all media of that type. This means you can now set a particualr view i.e. Icon Wall for all episode lists.

In the past this was not possible for Kodi add-on lists as each list even of the same type of items was treated seperatly.

To use it just go to a list of say episodes and change the view type to something you want, then select any of the episodes in the list and bring up the context menu, on the menu select "Set as default view". All lists of items of that type will now use that view.

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