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Lets see how much we can do with CSS, need some help


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I find it really difficult to edit emby with css but that being said i'm far from an css expert, i am limited in my knowledge when it comes to finding the right anchor, usually inspecting an element has done the trick for me when i've done smaller web development work but in emby none of the elements seem to be unique so it's difficult to point css to edit one particular element without messing up a lot of other stuff.


I am therefor reaching out for some help.


Here's what i want to do:


Completely hide favorites, playlists, add to collections, edit playlists and some other stuff:


All the red circled stuff i would like to hide using CSS, it this possible?




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Here is the code I wrote up quickly. This code will hide the Favorite and More buttons from the media pages, as well as Add to Collection, Playlist, and Edit Subtitles from the context menus: https://paste.memester.cf/obimetekec.css


I tried my best to make the selections as specific as possible to avoid having unintended side effects on other elements. I tested them and they seem to work without any clashes.


For the tab buttons, however, I'm not exactly sure how to do them without unintentionally hiding tabs on other pages as well. At first I thought it would be as simple as just making a CSS selection based on the data-index attribute on the tabs, however, I soon realized that tabs on other pages (e.x. Music, Movies) also have the same indexes, so those tabs would be unintentionally hidden. The only way I could think of doing this would be manually go into the Emby dashboard-ui code and remove those elements. 

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