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Native Playback, and UHD content devices


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Hey all,


I have a new 4k TV and a Vero4k device running kodi, OSMC and the emby plugin. I also have a bunch of RPi3's around the house playing regular HD content. I use Samba for direct playback on my home network, so no trans-coding is used.


I would like my 4k TV to play 4k content where available, and my other HDTV's to only play 1080p content, but I dont know the best way to configure emby for this. If I attempt to play 4k content on the RPi3, it crashes, so I would like to exclude 4k content to the RPi3's, and exclude 1080p content from the 4k TV. I do not want 2 versions of the same movie in the User Interface, because my family would surely pick the wrong title.


Here's what I am considering, but I'm hoping there's a better way.


Have 2 copies of each title using this naming convention:

D:\Movies-HD\Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)\Spider-Man Homecoming (2017).mkv
D:\Movies-UltraHD\Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) - 4k\Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) - 4k.mkv

Then create two Emby users, HDUser and UltraHDUser, where HDUser only has access to D:\Movies-HD and UltraHDUser only has access to D:\Movies-UltraHD


Lastly, login to emby sync as the HDUser for my RPi3's and login to emby sync as the UltraHDUser for the Vero4k.


Is this the best way to configure my media? Would my solution work as intended?


Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions





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What you already describes works creating different libraries for 1080p content and 4K content, but you could also use tags for this, combined with HDuser and 4K Emby user.

Tags for your 4K content that blocks your RPi HDusers, to access 4K content when you have set in User "Parental Control" settings, the menu option "Restrict Items With Tags" and vice versa for the 4K user.

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