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TS-873: reading embedded <title> for nfo failed emby 4.3.1


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I am using QNap TS-873 since 2 weeks. I have installed emby 4.3.1 successfully. Now, I have moved my files (home videos) of the windows PC to the NAS. Unfortunately every displayed title of the mp4 files contains the filename.


Imagine: I am recording my game session playin' Quake2. After gaming I tag / enrich the mp4 files with title, subtitle, description, marks in the file's detail. Using the windows version, the title will correct displayed in Emby, using the same in QNap Emby, the filename is displayed not the title or description.


How can I correct or solve this?




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sorry for my late reply. Well, I have checked some configs / settings on the machine and have determined, that plex server is running also. This is the problem: the plex service has overwritten or modified the nfo files.

I have deactivated the service, and have deleted the current nfo files. The newly created files are correct with title.


So, this case is to close...


Sorry for the inconvenience... & thx

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