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HDR playback on Samsung devices


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I recently purchased a lifetime membership and use emby generally with my nvidia shield.


Now I have few samsung devices like the note 9 and tablet. To my surprise emby cannot do HDR playback on these devices.


I know a read something way back about the issue but it seems like it has never been resolved. Samsung is a very popular smart phone and make one of the best andriod tablets.


Will this ever get resolved?


In comparison plex does not have this issue nor kodi etc.


On side note will emby ever implement a hdr to sdr tone mapping when transcoding?




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Hi there, we'll take another look at this. Thanks for reporting. And yes tone mapping when transcoding is planned for the future. Thanks.

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Any update to this? To me this would be important as well as I have a Samsung Galaxy s10e which supports hdr10 and hdr10+ but HDR10 content still looks washed out and grey even when direct playing

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wrong phone model
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If you need immediate relief, please see here:

Just keep in mind it is a test build and may introduce other issues.

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