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Movie extras appearing in search results for live TV movie recordings


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I used the search to find and set a recording for Beauty and the beast, which is being shown on Christmas Day on BBC 1

After picking the correct showing from the search results (I really wish the channel number was shown so we know which one is being shown on a HD channel, +1 etc)

I was sent to the details screen where I could set it to record.


Underneath though I was shown extras from a movie in my library, totally unrelated to the searched movie (see screenshot below)



I tried this in both the web app and Theater. If I searched for a music artist or tv show it did not appear.

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I'm still experiencing this.


If I remove the extras and deleted scenes out of the offending movies folder they no longer appear in the search but as soon as I return them they appear in the search result of any tv programme we look for.


Were you guys able to look at this? 

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