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Book server/reader incorporation : suggestion


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I agree. There would be bloat integrating all of Kooder-Reader.

I thought perhaps the reader(s) (w/multiple format support) could be found from the Kooder-Reader project. The GitHub seems fairly well organized. I see the project uses pdfjs-dist (from a quick inspection). I didn't find the utility for mobirender yet.

Bibi might not be as format-supportive, but the license might make it easier to include.

This might not be the end-all that people would like, but as I said, EMBY's Library system is already pretty awesome. I appreciate that you have other areas to focus on. I think concentrating on viewers only (vs meta-editing and sorting) would be a major win. Other features could come later (but will we ever truly be satisfied 😉 )

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+1 for this, since the movie and tv library is stable enough, it would be great to go to this section as well (basic e-reader is fine too, as long you can read without problem)

currently i'm using this https://github.com/janeczku/calibre-web (and can be used via opds as well for other apps to grab the book)

but the problem is, this one kinda dont have progress tracking, it would be great addition for emby if you can manage to achieve this, and also it would be big plus, since AFAIK

currently for cross multi platform e-reader (epub) is only pocketreader atm, and only that alone that has progress sync, across ios and android (CMIIW), and it has quite issue as well in ipad 😢

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