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Emby doesn't recognize my HDD

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I am trying to setup up Emby on my Raspberry Pi 3B. I have installed Emby and have an external HDD connected to the Pi. Whenever I try add a folder, I go up to /media/pi/ and after that Emby stops reading any other folder. I have triedĀ 

sudo chown emby.emby -R /location/

but still it doesn't work.

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Sorry. I just figured it out. I unmounted the HDD from it default location and mounted it on another location and the Emby recognised it. For those of you who still need help.

First get your drive mount path usingĀ 

sudo fdisk -l

then type

sudo umount /path_to_drive/

After that make a new directory on your Desktop and then run

sudo mount /path_of_external_storage/ /homi/pi/Desktop/name_of_dir/

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