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Apple remote Mac-mini


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Hi all.

Has anybody been successful in using Apples IR remote with a Mac mini?

I'm using a Mac mini as my main server as there has been too many recorded tv problems on my old WMC. 

The wife needs a simple (read tv style remote) to operate.


Any suggestions would help.



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Thanks for the reply.

The Apple remote is an infra-red device and the same device used for the Apple TV which is integrated directly with the OS.


Up key:     EE 87 0A 68

Down key:   EE 87 0C 68
Left key:   EE 87 09 68
Right key:  EE 87 06 68
Center key: EE 87 5C 68 followed by EE 87 05 68
Menu key:   EE 87 03 68
Play key:   EE 87 5F 68 followed by EE 87 05 68


(Codes courtesy from https://hifiduino.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/apple-aluminum-remote-codes/)

 I'm not sure if they are regular or not.




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