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How to Handle Actors with Multiple Names


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First, I didn't see another area that this looked appropriate for so if there is one and the mods want to move it there - Thank you!


So how does everyone (or what is recommended for?) deal with actors with multiple names/spellings.


Mostly this would probably apply to organizing adult titles, but there are mainstream actors and actresses with the same issue. For example Malin Akerman also is spelled sometimes as Malin Åkerman (notice the small circle over the A) or Stellan Skarsgård is sometimes spelled as Stellan Skarsgard.


Rather than going through every movie or show every time something is added, is there a way so that if metadata refers to Stellan Skarsgard it will automatically pull the information for Stellan Skarsgård and clicking the incorrect name will show his page and associated movies?


Thank you!



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