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Emby Server is loading. Please try again shortly.

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I have seen a few other topics with this issue and they all had to post their logs to get to the issue so ill just post it from the get go.

message i see is  "Emby Server is loading. Please try again shortly."

waiting does not seem to have any affect.


I have recently had to move all my media to temporary storage to change the cluster size that restricts me to 32TB.

Then formatted to 128kb clustersize.

No other change has been made.

other log files are days old and really large but im happy to provide them if needed.


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Hi.  Can you access the actual server machine?


More than likely it is sitting at a dialog asking you to update a Microsoft library and that needs to be completed before the server can start.


Looks like you are running as a service so you will need to start the app once as a normal app, complete the setup, and then you can go back to the service.

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thank you for your prompt reply, You guys are really awesome.


It was exactly as you said. 5ddeb78d0d107_embyServer.png

you are a gentleman and a scholar. and its exactly situations like this why im happy to be a premier license holder.

thank you.

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