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Issues grabbing current images from TheTVDB?

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Hey all,


So recently I had to disable/remove and then reinstall Emby server recently on my Ubuntu box and now I appear to be having some odd issues with grabbing the proper images from TheTVDB.


In the past if I updated & replaced the metadata on a series it would grab the newest images from TheTVDB (as all series are only set to grab from there).


But now it seems it will only default to older series image, banners, backdrops, etc. no matter which way I try to refresh the meta data. I've also noticed that when I go to "Identify" a series, when I put in the TheTVDB ID in it brings up the series but shows it with no image attached, like it would in your library if there were no primary image attached. Previously it would show the image there, indicating that is what would be downloading with it I assume.


My log is below. This was after doing a refresh & replace all meta data on my "TV Shows" library.

Can anyone figure out why this is happening or maybe give me some suggestions on what to try with troubleshooting it?


Feel free to roast me if I've done something stupid or missed something obvious.


Thanks in advance!





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Thanks for the quick reply.


So correct me if I'm wrong but what I'm surmising from that thread is that there still seems to be (recent) issues with TVDB and images and it is still currently  in process as far as being resolved, yes?

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According to them yes all of these issues are currently be looked at.   All we can do is wait for them to attempt to resolve everything they have broken.  But you are better off checking out their forum for most issues as we have patched as much as we can currently.

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