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Library Database cleanup utility


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I would like to request a library DB cleanup tool/utility within Emby. Seems a lot of missing, old, and duplicate entries cause many of the users issues. Especially if you move or change entire libraries. And I know the DB can grow to an unnecessary large size assuming a lot of waste in there. My library DB alone is over 1GB in size.


I have seen users post 'cleanup the DB' never stating how or where to find this utility. Seems to me that a lot of issues on this forum can easily be solved this way.


Can even be a plugin, I guess, if some savvy user wants to take it on.

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This basically does exist, just not in a very easy to find manner:




I do agree that a check-mark box or something would be handy.


Many of us just use a cron-job or some other mechanism to fire this process off.  As an example, here is my script that I have in /etc/cron.monthly:


ls -lh /var/lib/emby/data/library.db > /root/emby-db-clean.txt
systemctl stop emby-server.service
xmlstarlet ed --update "/ServerConfiguration/VacuumDatabaseOnStartup" --value true /var/lib/emby/config/system.xml 
systemctl start emby-server.service
sleep 30
ls -lh /var/lib/emby/data/library.db >> /root/emby-db-clean.txt
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Thanks @@riothamus , but I use Windows.


Ok found it

system.xml file and set VacuumDatabaseOnStartup to true

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Ran it. Took 20 seconds before log showed 'Info App: Core startup complete' reduced DB from 980MB to 530MB.


Probably a good thing to use when you make major library changes like reorganizing folder structures.

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