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Live Tv Choose Channel with trackpad get Oops


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When choosing a channel to watch we are getting this error when pressing the trackpad on the channel (which normally takes one to the channel/program info where you can choose channel as a favorite).

Oops. Document Not Found on Stack. Maximum call stack size exceeded. 


We can get around this by pressing the play button instead.


Also, while here, and related to the panel. The program schedules do not update when one presses the menu button to go back. This applies to both the favorite screen above (if that works [back once]) and to the channel listing [back twice]. Then if one presses play, the episode isn't available since it's often hours old. Has been this way since we installed emby last spring.


I played around with this some and installed emby on a RaspberryPi 4 with 4GB. It was running version emby Had no problem with play functionality described first using the PI.


Emby Version (also did with

FreeBSD 11.3

AppleTV Emby App US

AppleTV Player HD

tvOS 13 (17J586)


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Can anyone reproduce this with the current beta of the app?

What's the use of beta testing if items 9, 11, 12 don't get fixed for Live TV on the Apple TV app, for almost 6 months already :rolleyes:

Please stop ignoring Live TV issues on the Emby Apple TV app, if you want some serious feedback from your faithful Emby Apple TV beta testers :mellow:



Remember, Live TV is a PAID Emby service, so users are paying for that service to get it fixed, so they can expect the same Live TV experience as present on other Emby platforms like Android TV.

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I had this happen on the same machine before the beta, and moved to the new release of Emby to see if fixed. Oddly, it doesn't happen on the Pi running Debian/Raspbian.  Prior to this setup, I was running on FreeBSD 11.2. That machine had hardware issues causing it to simply lockup, so I moved to a different machine on FreeBSD 11.3 this last weekend since 11.2 is EOL tomorrow.  So could be an 11.3 issue.  If you need it I can get a list of the version of each port installed.



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