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Failing Emby


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To whom this concerns.


Once this emby product work for a year , however since the new auto update release and then the beta version later my problem have manifested themselves in ways that drove me mad with deleting everything from the madness from the failed multi-restarts , Error PortMapper: Error creating port map , Crashed Thread : Emby , either there have been big changes in the OSX or the embyserver but they surely have test my patience's with this product,  the plex system works well but for it shitty audio problems. Emby on the other hand well what can one say.


What have I done!

Uninstall all and everything related to emby.

Re-downloaded Embyserver App embyserver-osx-x64-

Restart Embyserver App , don't do a third or forth restart as it will fail to startup even if closing other embyserver running processes through activity monitor. A system reboot solve the problem.

Tried loading emby webpage , failed due to Firefox permissions , failed due to Brave cross-site issue.

Retried again with knowledge around the browser problems with success loading webpage , then login.

Tried mapping OSX volumes (shared) success

Tried mapping NAS SMB directories (shared) some load others failed , mixed.

Scanning both OSX volumes and NAS SMB directories failed 100%.


Any solution!

I have both a crash report and a emby report


Fix your upload product flash is not good.


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Hi, did you try adjusting Firefox?


Out of the box with default browser settings Firefox will work just fine.

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