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Guide Update Request -- Toledo, Ohio


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@@ebr If possible, two channels need updated/corrected:


WTVG 13.4  -- Just took over as the local MeTV as of October 1st (yay!).  It had programs listed for about a week, and now, starting at 6am October 10, the guide info lists 4 hour blocks of "To Be Announced" all day, every day from then on.  It should just be the normal east coast MeTV schedule.  It was working -- I only see out 7 days in advance, and I thought maybe this would resolve on its own in the preceding 7 days, but it didn't.


WTOL 11.4 -- Just picked up Quest.  No programming listing available as of yet although the station is broadcasting shows.   Still fairly new though (within a week or so).


Thank you!

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It appears WTVG began broadcasting MeTV on ch. 13.4 on Oct. 1st, but switched it to ch. 13.3 this morning.  A rescan on the HDHomeruns and a refresh of the guide data solved that little mystery.  Then we'll just wait a week or so for WTOL ch. 11.4 to hopefully fill in...

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