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Live TV Channels not showing up


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Hello All!

It's my first post here and I hope i selected the right forum. I'm running emby server on a Qnap (TS 453B mini). Server is running without problems other than with channels in live TV.


I have a list for IPTV that works flawlessly on different platform using different software.

I followed the wiki and added the list and the EPG files.

I was astonished in seeing the perfect match of channels and EPG in the matching page.


Problem is not all channels show up in the matching page. Also, not all channels that show up in the matching page are available to clients connected to that server (yes, I do have Emby Premiere).

At first I thought the server still had to parse the list (it contains almost 3000 channels (mostly duplicates at different resolutions/Bitrate). But after almost 20 hours the situation had not changed.


What am I doing wrong?

I tried scheduling a recordings and everything was simply perfect, so, I'm quite at a loss here and could not find any case similar to mine.


Do you need any further information? should I just start over and see if it was some sort of mistake I made?


Thanks a lot!


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Thank you for your reply.

I made some further tests (using a smaller list).

Here's what happens:

When matching EPG to channels, all channels shows up without any problem.

In the live tv guide page, channels with similar names are not correctly shown. This means that if I have 2 streams in the list (say channel 1 and channel 1 (*)), only one of the streams is shown.

Problem is that I'd like to see both streams in the guide or in the channel page.


What should I do?

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@@Adamanth, i'd have to see a sample m3u but i'm guessing they probably have the same tvg-id, in which case the server merges them together. We do plan to give you more control over this in an upcoming update. thanks.

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@@Luke Thanks for the reply and info and sorry for the late reply.

In the hope to contribute to the community I'd like to report that after some searching here on this forum and through direct tests I came to the conclusion Luke just explained. I had the final confirmation by simply creating a list of 3 channels, each of them with the same tvg-id and Emby showed only one. Making a list with the same 3 channels but without tvg-id allowed me have 3 different channels, albeit the automatic association to EPG was a mess. :P

Hopefully the update will come soon enough because I'm really amazed at how well emby works for IPTV as in the amount of resources used and reliability of the software for recordings.

I've been using another software for a couple of years and lately it started being unreliable (probably due the some updates to my NAS firmware)  and emby looks promising. I'll keep renewing the monthly subscription to support the release of an update for managing TV channels. After that I'll just probably switch to a lifetime subscription.


Thanks again

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