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Throgsoft Themes


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There are ten themes available for MB Classic all with the same features, but with a multitude of different views available for you to customize how you want you media experience to look and feel.


Screenshots below except for Destiny which is a theme that can incorporate all the views from the other themes.As an example you can use an EHS view from Ascendancy and a poster view from Centrality in your movies folder,this can be done throughout you media collection.


The featues available in all themes are:

  • Theme Skining (Colours & Fonts)
  • Multi-language (Localized Strings)
  • MediaInfo Icons (IBN)
  • Timings for Rotating Backdrops
  • Poster Diming
  • Alpha Blending (Transparency)

These plugins must be installed from the MBClassic Configurator


Ascendancy                                                                                                  Centrality                                                                                                    Harmony

52509cdf1c4c2_AscendancyEHS1.jpg   52509cf03e12d_CentralityEHS1.jpg   52509d12c5543_HarmonyEHS1.jpg


Imperium                                                                                                      Kismet                                                                                                          Maelstrom

52509d61ddfb9_ImperiumEHS1.jpg   52509d7e4fde9_KismetEHS1.jpg   52509d966d74e_MaelstromEHS1.jpg


Regency                                                                                                       Supremacy                                                                                                  Vanilla

52509dd2433c9_RegencyEHS1.jpg   52509de7da55e_SupremacyEHS1.jpg   52509dff280db_VanillaEHS1.jpg


How do you configure your Throgsoft themes
In general all view options are tunable through the menu interface of any theme,The customization can be reached through the Display & Behaviour tab through the ThrogSoft menu system.

The Display & Behaviour tab has been organized by subdividing the various tunable parameters into five categories. This should provide quick an easy access for the user. Currently the Display & Behaviour tab has the following categories:

  • Overlays
  • Posters
  • Skin
  • FanArt & Meta
  • Navigation

All options under in these tabs have either a global effect (ALL Views) or a local effect (THIS View Only). For the purposes of this article they will be defined in the following manner:

  • Global: ALL views
  • Cached: THIS view


The overlays tab provides the user with the ability to toggle (on/off) the icon overlays on the items in your scrollers. For all intensive purposes these are the same options available through the MediaBrowser Configuration Panel.

  • Unwatched Count – Global : Shows the count of unwatched items
  • Unwatched Indicator – Global : Shows any unwatched items
  • Watched Indicator – Global : Shows any watched items
  • HD Indicator – Global : Shows the HD rating of an Item (720 / 1080)
  • Remote Indicator – Global : Shows if the item is located remotely

The posters tab allows you to change the type of image used to represent the items in your scrollers, the size of each item, the spacing between them, and the dim setting experience by each when the item is not in focus.

  • Type – Cached : Allows you to change between the various images
  • Labels – Cached : Toggles whether to show a label above your poster
  • Dimming – Cached : Sets the dim level unfocused posters
  • Poster Size – Cached : Sets the size of each poster in the scroller
  • Grid Spacing – Global : Sets the space between each posters (Horizontally/Veritcally)

The skin tab allows you to change colour scheme of your theme, and the opacity of the backdrop and information box overlays.

  • Available – Global : Allows you to select any available skin (Requires Restart)
  • Backdrop Opacity – Global : Changes the opacity of the backdrop overlay
  • Info Box Opacity – Global : Changes the opacity of any information box

All ThrogSoft themes ship with three skins:

  • Alaska: White based theme
  • Default: Blue based theme
  • Midnight: Black based theme

The default skin is the WMC blue theme.

The fanart and meta tab allows you to toggle (on/off) various fanart images and meta information displayed on each view.

  • Backdrop – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off backdrop image
  • ClearArt – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off clear art image
  • ClearLogo – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off clear logo image
  • Title – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off title meta
  • InfoBox – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off information box

Clear Logo & Title Priority When Sharing Same Location:

Certain Views use ClearLogo and Title meta in the same location in these cases the display will be based on the following logic:

  • ClearLogo: On, Title: On => Show ClearLogo, if none exists Show Title
  • ClearLogo: On, Title: Off => Show ClearLogo Only
  • ClearLogo: Off, Title: On => Show Title Only
  • ClearLogo: Off, Title: Off => Show Nothing

The navigation tab allows you to change the way you traverse your collection in MediaBrowser.

  • Vertical Scroll – Cached : Specifies direction of scroller (only certain views)
  • First Unwatched – Global : Navigation will move focus to first unwatched item on first entrance
  • Auto Enter Single – Global : Skips over single item folders
  • Mute Navigation – Global : Mutes navigation sounds when navigating in scrollers
  • Prevent Quit – Global : Stops the back button from being used at root level
  • Lock Views – Global : Prevents any change to views by disabling menu system at every level except for root.


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