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Transcoding Location Question


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I have a question about where to store my transcoding directory. 


My current setup is:

PERC H710P Mini Raid Controller with 2 virtual disks

RAID 1 of 2qty - 500GB SSDs - (OS/Emby Cache and server files)

RAID 6 of 12qty - 4TB 7200RPM HDDs - (Media/NFO/Subtitles/Transcoding)



Below are the HD Tune benchmark results against each virtual disk. (Because im running trial HD tune wont run write tests but running the Microsoft DiskSpd utility i get the following results)




DiskSpd Write Results:

RAID 1 - 437.70MiB/s - 7003.14 I/O per s

RAID 6 - 101.33 MiB/s - 1621.21 I/O per s




HD Tune Pro Read Results per virtual disk:







Obviously the write performance is better on the RAID 1, but Im unsure if I would have any benefit to moving the transcoding directory onto the RAID 1, but figured I would ask your opinions


Thanks for your time!

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Hi, transcoding is usually cpu limited, not disk limited, so generally it shouldn't matter. But I would try it out and see how it compares. Let us know. thanks !

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