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Diamond - MB Classic Theme


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The classic enhanced theme from MB 2




The original enhanced theme for Media Browser.


This plugin must be installed from the MBClassic Configurator


Available options in the configuration menu

The configuration menu can be accessed from within Media Browser using the wrench (or spanner) icon.


Diamond Options Tab

Media Details in Mini Mode

Start the details page for media items in mini-mode. This mode sacrifices media details for more fan art useful for more advanced users with a full library of backdrops.


Display End Time

Calculate and display end time of current media item. When enabled it takes the runtime of a selected media item and calculates the expected time the media would finish if you were to play that media now.


Display Glass Overlay

Display Diamond Glass overlay on poster images. You can turn off glass frames, this is particularly useful if you have specially tailored posters and do not have the need for glass overlays or simply you don’t like the look.


Display Infobox in Coverflow Views

Display an information box for media in Coverflow view.


Display Infobox in Thumbstrip Views

Display an information box for media in Thumbstrip view.


Display Infobox in Poster Views

Display an information box for media in Poster view.


Display Weather

Display weather in Diamond Theme


Extender Layout Enhancements

Use custom layout adjustments for use with extenders.


Useful Options:


Enhanced Home Screen Customization

By default the Enhanced Home Screen (EHS) for the Diamond Theme will display a view of ‘recent items’ that have been added to the selected media collection.


This view however can be customized by the user. There are three choices for the information displayed here:

  • Recently Added (default)
  • Recently Watched
  • Recently Added Unwatched

To change the information displayed you need to navigate until the ‘Recently Added’ header is highlighted. Then you can cycle through the view options by pressing the Return/Enter key on the keyboard or by pressing the “OK” button on a remote.

This will toggle through the available views.


Latest Version:


  • Fix for the “Green Ball” buttons (top left of UI) not showing for certain screen resolutions


  • Provisional support for ClearLogos – place a logo.png in any directory and it will be shown in the same panel as Studio icons, movies are not supported as they can have multiple studios
  • Add blue background as theme default
  • Show grey theme background if “Black” colour scheme is selected in Theme Options
  • Add missing navigation sounds (mostly from EHS)
  • Auto resize Page Counter to allow for very large collections
  • Move Page Counter to left side so that it is not hidden by MC controls
  • Add Page Counter to final detail view
  • Fix Menu loses focus with IndexBy ,SortBy & UseBanners
  • Fix issue stopping large NPV (Now Playing View) from showing on EHS
  • Next\Prev – support shortcuts ChannelUp\Down & SkipForward\Back
  • Refresh (in final detail view) – support shortcut Rec button
  • Removed localised string “FirstAiredDetail” (duplicate to core)

MBMusic support

  • Show ArtistName in main title in final detail view
  • Adjust breadcrumbs to support long music titles
  • Display Genres & ProductionYear for music albums
  • Add Queue Song button in final detail view (localised as diamond_QueueSong=“Queue” )
  • ArtistButton in Album view – music artists can be “clicked on”
  • Audio BitRate, Genres, Composers, ProductionYear, (Precise)Runtime & MediaInfo in Album view

Up to & inc. v

  • Add support for context sub-menus
  • Add MediaType HD and 3D icons to the internal mediainfo set
  • Use Item.EndTime to get EndTime
  • Automatically update EndTime every minute
  • Media-Details panel – list only the relevant values for each item
  • Next/Prev in Details view
  • Tweak button image in Mini Mode
  • Navigate back to correct folder from RAL
  • Remove localised string “RecentlyAddedUnwatchedEHS” (it was stopping core from being able to localise the same string)
  • Route clicks on recent item list items through the item (for override functionality)
  • Remove RAL items limit, use page counter after 20 pages

MBMusic support

  • Use PreciseRuntimeStr for Songs (minutes and seconds)
  • Hide EndTime for Songs
  • Show “Composer” & “Artists” for music items
  • Use custom Album view
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