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Shuffle function no longer makes sense?


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I have a lot of libraries with the Home movies and pictures setting and previously Shuffle has worked wonders.


Lets say i have a folder, that is called "Nature"


Inside the folder Nature i have sub folders "Flowers" "Earth" "Skies" "Sea" and in these folders i a bunch of pictures.


Previously if i browsed to Nature and hit shuffle it would shuffle the 4 folders content and play it back randomly, grabbing content from all the 4 folders at random, which is the expected function of shuffle.


Since the server upgrade hitting shuffle in this scenario randomly selects 1 of the 4 folders and takes random content from this 1 folder, excluding the other folders, this is broken shuffle function.


I see in the change log for the server "Try to improve shuffle sorting" which i believe caused the problem.


I'm thinking you tried to improve the shuffle for something like "TV Shows" where often a season is located in the same folder and shuffle between seasons wouldn't make sense, but simply add an if clause to the code that checks the library setting and if library is set to "Home Movies and Pictures" use the old shuffle function and not the new one.




EDIT: didn't realize i posted this in the testing area, i am running the latest stable build of the server version:

You may want to move this to the general server area of the forum as i am not running the latest beta of server, sorry!

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Hi, we are continuing to work on improving it, thanks.

Nice thanks, please do consider my advice to have the shuffle function do different things based on what content library setting you are currently in and browsing, i think this is the only way to satisfy everyones different setups.


Thanks for the quick response!

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