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Problem with subtitle download for TV episodes


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MBS 5264


If MBS only (automatically) downloads subtitles when the media is first added, then it is a problem for TV episodes. When TV episodes are first downloaded, the subtitles are usually not yet available on opensubtitles.org. In my case, the subtitles often are not available for download until several hours after the TV episode has already been added to MBS.

I think it would be a great feature to add to MBS, as an option, to try to download the subtitles when a play request comes in for an episode, and then hold off playing to the client until the subtitles file is downloaded (or found to be unavailable).

This would work well for me, since I often do not watch the TV episodes until several hours (or more) after they are downloaded. So the subtitles download likely became available during that time.

I suppose another alternative could be to have a scheduled task that will download subtitles for any media that was added to MBS during the last 48 hours. Such a task could be scheduled to run, say, every hour. Then it would basically keep checking for subtitles every hour for 48 hours after each new media item was added to MBS.

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