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How to get TV Specials to show up?


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I have set Specials to show in the season they air in (within the emby dashboard). In the web app, they show up fine. However, when trying to find them on my Fire stick they don't show up within the season. The "watched indicator" shows that there is 1 unwatched episode for the season but when I go into it, it only shows all the normal episodes (which I've watched already), but no special.


The only other way I can view the special (aside from the Specials folder) is if I go over into All Episodes from the season select screen, and then there it is. So how do I get it to display properly within the season? I checked the emby settings for the Fire stick app but couldn't see anything in there related to it. I've also verified that the naming convention of the special matches what is on the TVDB.

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