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handling issue in program guide


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Hi *,


the following problem seems not to be a general problem of the LG app, I have 3 LG TVs and one is displaying the guide correctly while the other two do not :P


The attached screen is taken from my LG OLED65C7... it seems it tries to display to many rows so the current selected show that is shown at the bottom of the epg is overwritten by the epg grid.


On the TV in my bedroom (LG 43UK6300LLB) it is displayed correctly.


don't know if this behavior is already known to you ;-)




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Hi *,

I know that you guys know that the performance of the program guide in LG emby tv app is really poor :-) and I hope it is being worked on it ;-)

But one thing is really really annoying...

It is possible to scroll through the pages of the epg (using the next/previous program button or the volume up/down button on the remote - I'm not quiet sure)

but the problem is that the cursor of the epg is not moving to the next pages, it stays always where it is and when do any move on the remote it always jumps back to the page the cursor stood before :/


it would be very nice if you could fix this misbehavior because scrolling throug the guide with this poor performance channel by channel isn't funny :-)


if there is another way to navigate through the epg smoother, please let me know.




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