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Continue Watching from DVR Starting From Beginning While Recording


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Steps to repeat the issue:


1. Start recording a show (I was recording an NFL game that lasts quite a while)

2. Start watching the show while the recording is still in progress

3. Close the browser while watching the show with the recording still in progress

4. Go back into Embry and you should now see the show in Continue Watching under the Live TV Section

  • This shows where you left off as a green status bar, indicating that you are not at the beginning of the recording

5. Click on Continue Watching and you will be sent back to the beginning of the recording

6. Closing the stream and going back to the TV menu will no longer show the Continue Watching option


The Continue Watching process appears to be working correctly once the recording is completed, it only appears to be an issue while the recording is in process


Expected Results

If the recording knows the timestamp that I stopped the video, it should start back up at that timestamp not back at the beginning of the recording



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Hi.  Resuming partially watched in-progress recordings is just something we don't fully support yet.



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