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Notification only filename send


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Hi there,

i am trying to hunt down some cosmetic issues with the Telegram Notification Plugin so i did a little test and installed the E-Mail Plugin to see if it behaves the same way. And it does.

The issue is in the notifications for newly added content.


With TV Shows it works quite well most of the time. If i add a new epsiode it sends out a notification using the TV Shows name, Season, Episode and the Title of the episode. Like i said it works for single Episode. If i add a complete Season it sends out a notification with the TV Show name and the filename without the extension.


For Movies it only puts out the filename without the extension. Normally i would think it should wait till it has scraped the Movie and send out the Movie name and year.


Maybe this is a timing issue where notifications are sent out before the files are readily scraped?


I know that this was not always like that. From the history of my telegram Channel i could say that this began approx. January 2019.

I am now a of the Emby Server.


Could somebody please check if this is reproduceable?

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