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OffLine DVD access from server


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I haven't understand how can i see fro a web browser my off line library of physcally DVD ROM , i put i file into test.dvd.disc in a library folder , but nothing , i can see only button "media info" no play button at all .

I have write this xml into test.dvd.disc


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


but nothing no play at all.


I put DVD into the server , the dvd have only one folder named video_ts on the root of DVD PAth and it sounds like this :


i have try to bind as a folder in media library but no lucky


Some one can help me


ihave only installed server version of media browser server no plugin at all


Thanks for attention

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Good day,


Here example of that with Media Browser Classic client:




My best

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there's no play button in the web client for these items at this time. it's initial design is simply to allow browsing so that you can play in another client.

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Thanks a lot for the very fast response , you are wonderful , but i have this problem , i need to play only with ie metro , because the pc is locked for use as totem , can i hack something to run dvd on local or server machine trought mediabrowser ?

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