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Error installing on Android 4.4.4


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As I read here somewhere, the Android Mobile app should work with Android 4 and up. (?)


When I try to install on 4.4.4 I get the following Error:

W/PackageInstaller(19020): Parse error when parsing manifest. Discontinuing installation
W/PackageParser(19020): /storage/emulated/legacy/MediaBrowser.Mobile-googlearmv7-release.apk
(at Binary XML file line #10): Requires newer sdk version #21 (current version is #19)

This looks like Lollipop (5.0) is the first supported version. Does anybody have an older version for me, that still runs on Android 4.4? Or do I maybe have the wrong version at all?


Regards, Andreas

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Hi, for 4.4 you'll need to install from the store. The apk download is for 5.0+. Thanks.

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