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So I recently had to extract the APK from Emby again for my new fire tablet, however the new version of Emby is buggy when the APK is extracted. For example, whenever you try to play any video, locally or remotely, it instantly crashes to the home screen. This has nothing to do with the fire tablet as I've tried installing the APK to my phone with the same results.


Luke, would you be able to provide me with an APK to a version of the Emby android app made before July? I'm going on a long plane ride and none of the other options (ex kodi) have the ability to download my media or play without internet, it would suck to not have any media most of my trip.

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Why do you "extract" an apk?


What's wrong with the APK from the Android default download side?


As you wrote tablet, you might need the mobile client, maybe you installed the tv client?


Ciao, Alfred

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Yes, you need to use our sanctioned download because Google has changed how apps are delivered on their platform.

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