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Labeling Certain Media Posters


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I have Movies or videos where it would be nice to place a label on the poster.  If I have a 3D version of the movie, it would be labelled as such.


This is not essential as I have created a work around using Adobe photoshop.  


In case I lost you already here are images of before and after I modified the poster images files...


As you can see in the first image, it appears that I have duplicate movies...  However some are 3D and some are not.  I have to open the movie to discover if they ar 3D or not.  Hit and miss.  


What I did, is use Adobe photoshop to watermark the 3D poster with a 3D logo at the bottom right of the poster.  In the second image you can see the 3D movies clearly labelled with the 3D watermark.  Now I know which ones are 3D and which ones are not.  There are several other instances where I would love to label certain movies with 4K, 1080p, or 480p.  Or maybe with the type of sound available, or content... etc...


Again if this is not practical.  I have been able to create a workaround using Adobe photoshop


If anyone wants instructions on how I did this, I was able to easily label to 100+ 3D movie poster in Emby in only a few moments.  I spent more type creating the 3D watermark!


I would be happy to provide instructions.


Thanks for your attention


and thanks for Emby, its awesome and worth the money I spent!






After the labeling...





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Have you considered or looked at what the COVERART for EMBY plugin can do? I don't know if it would cover all of your particular labeling requirements, but it does most of what you described in your post above.


Look in the PLUGINS section in the Server Dashboard and you should see it listed under CATALOG.


See link to Plug-In Description in the Community Forum below.


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I did not know about this plugin...


will check it out...  and report back...





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  • 1 month later...



thanks for your suggestion... that has worked out very well!  especially with special editions, and extended editions...


thanks again



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